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Oct. 25, 2020

My Wife! From Kazakhstan Watched the New Borat (Bonus Episode)

My Wife! From Kazakhstan Watched the New Borat (Bonus Episode)

When I met my wife, I only knew one thing about her home country

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When I first met Aigul Kaparova, the woman whom I would eventually marry, she told me she was from Kazakhstan. And of course there was basically one thing I knew about Kazakhstan: Borat.


I remember asking her how she felt about Borat, because I remembered the reaction to that film in Kazakhstan. She told me the whole controversy didn't really bother her much and that the country had seemingly accepted that Borat would always be associated with her home.


And that was about it.


Until this week. That's when Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat unexpectedly turned back up in everyone's world with Borat Second Moviefilm, now streaming on Amazon Prime.


To my surprise, Aigul told me two things: She had never seen Borat before, and she was really excited to see this new movie.


So with that in mind there was only one thing for me to do: Turn on my recorder and document the experience of Borat with someone from Kazakhstan.

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