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Always Interesting and Entertaining!

Dan Delgado knows how to weave an intriguing story and the interviews involved are always fascinating! This Podcast is such an entertaining listen! Highly recommended!

A must listen

Dan's insight and interviews make this a must-listen show for anyone who appreciates great Hollywood stories.

Consistently Great

If you’re into shows like The Plot Thickens or You Must Remember This, then you’ll love this podcast from MovieMaker Magazine. Each episode is highly produced and looks into some of the strangest things to ever happen in Hollywood. One of my favorites!

A must listen for film enthusiasts!

Informative, well produced and chock full of insight. I implore you to take a listen and see what the buzz is all about. I have learned so much from this show. A winner.

Amazing Podcast

Dan’s episodes are both informative and entertaining. He gives you a behind the scenes look into cultural history, film history, and biography. Each episode combines film trivia with a more universal human interest factor. In edition to his energetic yet calming narration are fascinating interviews that lend further into filmmakers and aficionados. I particularly recommend his episode on Superman IV and Street Smart. The episodes on Dino De Laurentiis and Brucesploitation are also fun.

Amazing Podcast

It’s interesting to hear these stories because honestly… no one else is telling them. Great interviews and amazing narration. As a film student, this is definitely my favorite.

Not the stories you already know

If you’re a big movie fan, you probably already know the stories of major directors and classic films. The Industry podcast digs deeper and finds gems you may have never heard about. The research is great, the host is engaging, and the stories are tight. Nice work!

Love love love. Great clips, behind the scenes, history, music. It’s amazing.

A Healthy Dose of Nostalgia

It’s well scripted, researched, and edited. I love anything nostalgic and this has got it in spades. It’s a great topic for a podcast, and I loved hearing the old interview clips.


I love film history-podcasts, with two of my favorites being “You Must Remember This” with Karina Longworth and “The Secret History of Hollywood” with Adam Roche. Stumbled onto this podcast one day and I’m so glad I did—this one has zoomed to the top of my charts. Host Dan Delgado does a great job in presenting obscure or forgotten bits of film and TV history and the determined and sometimes offbeat characters producing it in an engaging and entertaining way. The roughly half-hour episodes feature well-written scripts and are delivered through Mr. Delgado’s exceptional radio voice. I like the inclusion of the background music, and you can tell by its audio fidelity that the show has a high production standard. I went through all the back episodes in three days and can’t wait for more. It’s my new crack—I’m hooked!

Host Dan Delgado has a knack of making these obscure “lesser known” stories into captivating cautionary tales of what can go wrong in (and out of) Hollywood. Whether dimwitted or arrogant, conniving or naive, the subjects of each episode are explored and exposed, and I always learn something new (even about shows I thought I knew). This is one to add to your playlist or binge the back catalog 👍🏻

An Industry Insider Praises “The Industry” Podcast

Hey! I really like this podcast and I don’t want to write a review. That said, I read reviews and they greatly effect if I’ll listen to a podcast or not. So here’s what you should know: I work in the AD department in film and television production and I can’t stand most review podcasts. What I’m always looking for is podcast like this one that pulls back the curtain and tells stories about the people who actually make the movies (no offense to the suits in LA who green light the shows that keep my bills paid). If you are looking for a podcast about the actual production and distribution of movies and not just multiple people giving luke warm takes on movies, then “The Industry” is for you (and me!)

Nostalgic and modern day info.

I love this show because of the knowledge that Dan has when it comes to Movies and TV. I cannot get over the amount of time he must spend researching to make sure he has accurate information. I enjoy listening to it because as I listen I can just about picture everything he is saying. It is a different show and very entertaining. Keep up the good work you’re doing an amazing job.

If you like knowing how things happen

This show is full of inside info anout “The Industry”. The show is well researched and the host delivers the goods in a very pleasing voice. Find out what was REALLY going on with your favorite T.V. shows and movies.

Well produced, fascinating tales for lovers of BTS film news

Host, Dan Delgado has such a friendly voice, it’s hard not to love the podcast simply for his love and passion for the industry which comes though and makes the stories fun no matter how stressful they can get. As a lover of film news, behind the scenes stories and filmmaking in general, this is my new go to podcast when I need to unwind but still want to be in the world of filmmaking.

Great stories and production

I'm no longer in the biz but I love the industry. Just started listening but I have a feeling this will be one of my regular pods.

It's crazy how much Hollywood lore you learn from my friend Dan Delgado on The Industry. The other day I impressed the missus by explaining "the rural purge," a thing I would 100 percent not know about if not for Dan. His history of four-walling is also outstanding, and my favorite episode ever is the one about how the Dukes of Hazard tried to replace Bo and Luke with Coy and Vance. An extremely well-produced podcast full of stories well-told.

Very well-produced! You can tell Dan puts a lot of effort into this show. He gets interviews with super interesting people who were there! I'm very excited to see where this goes next!

Just finished listening to "He Really Was That Masked Man" and it was excellent. Professionally written, hosted and edited. I learned a lot about The Lone Ranger, and got a glimpse into a time of American film and TV history. A phone interview with Michael Horse was a pleasant surprise. So bonus points there - For providing a cultural signifier for this specific listener. A really easy, educational listen. It's one of the best new documentary podcasts I've heard in a while, and I'm looking forward to hearing more episodes. Great for film-buffs, entertainment historians or anyone looking to learn something new.

I absolutely adored this show. Great idea, great execution, great design. I honestly have no complaints with this listening experience. I've subscribed and queued it up, and I'm glad to know it exists!

The podcast I’ve been waiting for!

So glad the show’s back!! There are a lot of movie podcasts out there, but finally someone is telling the stories I’m dying to hear: the real “inside baseball” of the movie industry. I love that he finds niche stories I’ve never heard of, especially oral histories of failed/shelved projects! Keep ‘em coming.

Just started!

Just recently found this show and am REALLY enjoying it. What a fun concept! Keep up the great work!!

Wow! Audio Awesomeness

This is one of the best crafted podcasts I've ever listened to....the storytelling, the excerpts from interviews, the music..... This is not just for people who are interested in the movie industry - it's for anyone who loves movies! Dan successfully creates interest in the films through his stories and I'll be watching as many of these old movies as I can find. Thanks Dan!


Dan Delgado really knows how to draw you into the conversation and is great at telling a story that you want to follow thorugh to the end, even when you're in a rush! Fantastic!

Lights, Camera, Action

History and cinema. What’s not to love? The show has a great flow, as well as an interesting unique approach. Top notch production; get some popcorn, turn out the lights and listen.

Great Production

It’s so refreshing to find a podcast with pro sound quality and interesting content. I became a fan instantly. Great show and a must listen!


Insightful. Clear. Thoughtful. Entertaining. It doesn’t get any better than this.

A Fascinating Look Behind the Curtain

First, let me say how nice it is that there’s a fairly new, quality podcast out there that isn’t in the True Crime genre. I love True Crime, but I think we’re good as far as the massive number of podcasts out there that fall into that category. Imagine what kind of world this might be if we were as obsessed with Albert Einstein as we are with John Wayne Gayce. This concludes my sermon. The Industry is a great concept for a podcast! On the surface, who cares about why a network decided to cancel its lineup of hugely popular shows with down-home, hillbilly themes? Listen to episode 7 and you’ll understand why it’s worth discussing. As a pseudo-historian, I can tell you that decisions made in Hollywood by a relatively small and incredibly powerful group of people have had a tremendous influence on the cultural history of the United States. Starting in the mid-20th century, decades started to be defined and remembered as the age of whatever show dominated the airwaves just as much as any historical event. Watergate happened in the 1970s. So did All in the Family and MASH. The 1980s is considered the Reagan Era… Or, the Cheers Era. The 90s… Los Angeles nearly burned to the ground and a president got caught up in a sex scandal. But, we had “Must See TV” on Thursday nights. My point is that these topics speak to a very important part of our culture. It’s great that there’s someone out there that understands this and does a remarkable job of proving it by way of intense research and beautiful storytelling. Give this podcast a listen!

Loving this

Good, very well produced stories about some of Hollywood’s weirdest moments. I was relieved to learn the Lambada movie wasn’t a hallucination, and shocked to learn there were two of them. Great ideas for forgotten tales.

Amazing Show

Another fascinating production by Radio Dan! Great storytelling, tons of tidbits and all sorts of great content that you'll love. Well, at least I do!