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Sept. 30, 2021

One Man's Quest to Fix Superman IV

One Man's Quest to Fix Superman IV

Aaron Price has spent years trying repair Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

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Like many Superman fans, British actor Aaron Price grew up believing a man could fly — thanks to the spectacular 1978 Richard Donner film starring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel.

But a decade after that film, Superman IV arrived to challenge fans' faith with a rough, budget-challenged story that pitted Supes against Nuclear Man, a forgettable villain created vis-a-vis the Cold War arms race.

Still, Price believes the film is redeemable — and in this special bonus episode of The Industry, he explains how he is trying to restore director Sydney J. Furie's original vision for Reeve's final Superman film.

You can follow Aaron Price and his campaign to #ReleasetheFurieCut on Twitter: He's @AaronLewisPrice.

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