A Documentary Podcast About Overlooked Movie History


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Awesome show! I like it better than RadioLab, for sure!!!! 😉🐸

High Quality

This pod belongs up there with some of the best in the industry. Host Dan Delgado starts his show on a strong note by looking at television’s rural purge. It’s a deep dive to find out what happened to some of your favorite country shows. He’s well researched and even throws in an interview to give the show a documentary feel. As a former broadcast journalist and broadcasting nerd, I’m excited to see where this show goes in the future.

Cool show!

This is some cool stuff! I’m a film student so it’s really nice to have some inside info about what it’s like on the inside.

This is a MUST Listen!

The sort of stuff you won't find anywhere, descriptions, accounts, insights, breakdowns, and its all cool crazy stuff! If you're a fan of Hollywood behind the scenes, or simply nostalgia, you can't beat it!

Great show!

Good stories, well done production. Looking forward to more shows.

10/10 would recommend

Such unique Hollywood stories, I enjoyed listening to you tell it.