A Documentary Podcast About Overlooked Movie History
March 16, 2022

Two Princes: Part I

A look at the first (of two) adaptations of The Little Prince

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Joseph Tandet was a lawyer who was not in The Industry. But when the opportunity arose to own the rights to The Little Prince, he took it.


He wound up as a producer on a big-budget movie adaptation. The 1974 version of The Little Prince had everything going for it, including Gene Wilder, musical numbers by Lerner & Lowe, Bob Fosse dancing, and Stanley Donen in what should have been his element. But something went wrong between the page and the screen. 


Several years after Tandet's movie of The Little Prince became a forgotten memory, he used his ownership of the rights again, this time to mount a stage version that would never officially open.


This episode is a crossover with the Why I'll Never Make Itpodcast and features host Patrick Oliver Jones doing most of the hosting duties here. It also features both Little Princes: Steven Warner from the 1974 film and Anthony Rapp (Star Trek Discovery) from the 1982 Broadway edition.



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